December 07, 2021 Create a customized LinkedIn URL

Social media is a powerful giant, and it continues to grow and develop with the introduction of every new platform and feature. Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn is a social media platform. However, you won’t post photos of last night’s family gathering or upload interesting but inappropriate YouTube videos to LinkedIn. Why? Unlike most social media platforms, LinkedIn is for professionals. It aims to help people establish business connections, find jobs and express their professional opinions.  

December 06, 2021 Link Tracking Explained

Imagine you just built a landing page, created an email marketing campaign, or sent a newsletter to your subscribers. These marketing plans need easy-to-access links to direct your audience to the product or service. In order to make your future communication and interaction successful, you need to know which links you have clicked. Enter "link tracking" or "URL tracking", which can be defined as tracking clicks. Companies use URL trackers to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and reveal engagement statistics.

December 06, 2021 Why You Need Personal URLs?

With so many brands competing for people's attention, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Adding a personalized URL to your website is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. A personalized URL can improve your branding, search engine optimization, and provide visitors with an easy way to access your website. In addition, they are more memorable than your average URL. After all, no one remembers a string of random numbers. In this article, we will help you understand what personal URLs are, why they are a good idea, and how to change the URL to a personalized version.

December 06, 2021 Are URLs Important for SEO?

When you think of SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is targeted keywords. But how much do you consider when optimizing URLs for SEO? SEO-friendly URLs are essential to ensure that your target audience finds your website. With over 3.5 billion Google searches every day, if you want to compete in the huge online market, you need all the advantages you can get. With this in mind, let’s examine what a suitable SEO URL structure looks like and how to optimize it for Google to get the most traffic.

December 04, 2021 How to Leverage Auto-Branding?

When you use LinkShorteners to create a link, you join the LinkShorteners network-a network of approximately 4 billion influencers and followers who actively use LinkShorteners. The LinkShorteners network consists of all links shared by free LinkShorteners users. Engagement metrics from all these links, devices and channels are a powerful asset for the company, especially when you use links to custom domains.  

December 04, 2021 How to Leverage The Power of Link Management

The Internet is full of millions of website links that people visit every day. In the past two years alone, a study has shown that the average person in the world spends up to 145 minutes online every day. These people work, study, connect with each other, and of course...visit their favorite brands and companies. Chances are, if you are a growing brand or business, you have a website full of great content, and you are seeking to establish contact with new and existing customers, please let LinkShorteners help you use the link management platform.