How to Create an Instagram Link in Bio

LinkShorteners Published on December 14, 2021

Instagram is a social media platform built around photo sharing. It aims to show images, not text. However, subtitles allow you to tell the story of photos suitable for Instagram. However, in the headline of Instagram, you cannot insert a URL. So, where is the link on Instagram? They must be placed on the user's personal profile. This is why the phrase "Link in bio" is used so frequently on this social platform.

But what does link in bio mean? And, how do you link in bio on Instagram?

This article will answer all your questions about the Instagram link in your profile and discuss ways to share and expand the scope of Instagram content to increase website traffic.


How to Find the Instagram Link in Bio

As we mentioned, Instagram does not allow its users to hyperlink to external websites in their posts. The only place you can post a link is in the description section or "bio" of your profile. This makes many people wonder where are the bio links on Instagram? In the Instagram account, the profile is located directly below the profile picture on the user’s profile page.

Fortunately, figuring out how to view someone’s bio on Instagram is easy. Just tap on the username displayed at the top of their post. This will take you to their profile, the most important location of the URL you need. If you follow these steps, you will no longer need to ask "Where is the link in the creature?".


How to Create Your Own Bio Link

Follow these simple steps to create your own link in a bio Instagram post:

  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Click the small round profile icon in the lower right corner to go directly to your profile page.
  3. Click "Edit Profile" at the top of the screen.
  4. If you haven’t, please write a custom description that does not exceed 150 characters.
  5. Insert your clickable link.
  6. Click "Done" to save your profile.

It is very important to use your Instagram bio link to make a good first impression. When you add a link, you will direct your followers to an accurate login page. Make sure that the page is easy to navigate and user-friendly.


More Ways to Share Links on Instagram

Now you know the answer to "Where is the ‘bio link’ on Instagram?" And how to create a bio link, let's look at more ways to share links on this platform.

You can share the links in your Instagram profile and posts in a variety of ways, without your followers asking where the "bio link" is?

How to expand the coverage of Instagram links
Let's look at five different ways to share the link on your Instagram profile instead of your profile:

1. Share a short link in the Instagram caption

You can use LinkShorteners link shortening service to customize links for your brand and make it stand out. (Note: The user needs to copy/paste the URL because it cannot be clicked in the title.)

2. Write clear instructions for your live link

Make it obvious. Share instructions on how to access your link and where to find your online content with your followers.

3. Share the link in the IGTV description

You can include a link in the description of each IGTV post. To access the description, users simply click on the arrow icon next to the post title. Remember to tell them the link in your IGTV video; otherwise, they may not know it is there.

4. Paid promotion link

If you have an Instagram business profile, you can pay to promote your posts and stories. Not only that, but you can also add clickable links in the titles of promoted posts. Just make sure your link is valid, relevant, and interesting. Otherwise, you may end up wasting money on advertising.

5. Add a private message link

This is a relatively underutilized feature of Instagram. However, reaching out to users’ stories or posts and offering your products is an active marketing method. The "Quick Reply" option allows you to write a standard reply using clickable links. Offer rewards or exclusive offers to first-time users, and they will feel appreciated and more inclined to click on clickable links.


What LinkShorteners Can Do For You

With LinkShorteners, you can expand the coverage of Instagram links and bring more traffic to your website. We focus on helping your business stand out through branded links, which have 34% more clicks than non-branded links.

With our link shortener, you can inspire trust, improve results, and gain control. This is why LinkShorteners is loved by some of the most famous brands in the world. We make it easy for you to turn links into powerful marketing tools. See what LinkShorteners can do for you!

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