Don't Worry About Instagram’s Algorithm and Start Actually Using Instagram

LinkShorteners Published on December 20, 2021

Instagram is the latest social network to start this path, following in the footsteps of #RIPTwitter, today is the first day the algorithm takes effect.

Many technical and business publications have begun to ask what this means. The word "death" has been widely used. If we are talking about other networks, it will be true.

Algorithms usually mean the end of organic social media marketing. On Facebook, it took several years for the brand to accumulate thousands of fans, but suddenly, they could only reach about 12% of them.

The general assumption is that this will happen on Instagram. But this assumes that marketers have strategically connected with Instagram users over the past few years by building content for Instagram.

they do not. Most brands did not even start marketing on Instagram.


Instagram Marketing: From 0 to 100

Only 36% of marketers use Instagram regularly, which means that it is too early to worry about "organic" Instagram marketing.

Even among marketers who do use Instagram, there may be a lack of coherent strategy. You still cannot include links in any photos.

The only thing you can link out of the app is the URL part of the bio, which means you have a chance to send followers back to your website or login page. (If you are doing this, make sure to use LinkShorteners to track your Instagram traffic!)

Without any link function, the brand basically can only display photos. This is very effective for any company with a visually pleasing product. Others, uh... there are a lot of office shots.

But Instagram should not be classified as a “behind the scenes” social channel where marketers only post photos of monthly gatherings or workshops.

Instagram has more monthly active users (400 million) than Twitter (300 million). think about it. The three giants are now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order. LinkedIn has 400 million users every month, but only 20% of users log on to social networks every month.

Given the booming development of Snapchat, there may be more shuffles in the next year or two.


Social Media is Paid Media

Like all social channels today, Instagram is tending to pay. However, in this case, this is a good thing. Without links or buttons, any Instagram post can really attract users to the link in the company profile or build brand awareness.

Instagram’s algorithm has changed the way users view content, which means that brands have the opportunity to start adopting Instagram marketing strategies, giving way to a true, traceable return on investment.

The real question is: how to make effective Instagram ads? How do you cultivate a community on Instagram that can be reached through natural and paid methods?

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