6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business That Get Results

LinkShorteners Published on December 13, 2021

Think about the last thing you posted on your company’s Instagram account. Have you crafted the content carefully? Is it created based on the interests of your target audience? If you nod while answering these two questions, that's great! You may have developed an Instagram marketing strategy to guide your publishing efforts.

Like any social media channel, Instagram marketing requires an effort to drive results. However, with participation rates nearly 4 times higher than any other social network, brands have many opportunities to build communities among their mobile audiences. Learn how to attract the right audience while increasing engagement on your company’s Instagram page by following the tips below:


1. Post Consistently

Many brands publish 2-3 photos a day, but there is no "correct" number. Your posting rhythm should be consistent with your goal for the channel. More importantly: be consistent. Photos should be story-driven and have eye-catching visuals. Less content? You can also ask your followers to submit photos or show the life behind your business. Don’t forget that Instagram Stories also allows 15-second videos to be played. Some brands have found creative ways to overcome time constraints, such as splitting a longer clip into multiple 15-second videos and publishing them consecutively.


2. Offer Deals & Giveaways

Many offers and gifts on Instagram are community-driven. Offer prizes to customers who use the product to take the best photos of themselves. Share a special promo code to reward your followers for staying loyal to your business. They will thank this transaction and continue to follow your account for future benefits. You can also ask followers to tag friends or selfies in posts to participate in contests and giveaways.


3. Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be very effective. By working with people who already have a fixed audience on Instagram, brands can attract new audiences and build followers. The most common strategy is to have an influencer "take over" the brand's Instagram account for a few days so that the influencer's followers can start viewing the account. Influencers often test or promote the brand’s products in every photo or video. Look for influencers who are consistent with your brand values ​​and mission or who have shown interest in your company in the past.


4. Harness the Power of Hashtags

The best way to start building an audience is to use common hashtags. It's not just one or two. You can choose 5-11 hashtags for each post to start increasing visibility. By tagging industry terms and common words, you can quickly increase engagement and followers. Include hashtags that are consistent with the content you share, and use a combination of really popular tags and more niche-specific tags. The former will immediately make your post appear in front of many people, while the latter will ensure that your post stays near the top of the results longer.


5. Keep Your Profile Link Fresh

Links in your profile are the best way to attract traffic from Instagram. Important note: Use LinkShorteners links for any content in your profile, and you will be able to accurately track how many unique clicks your Instagram page brings to your content. To increase polish and increase engagement, many major brands use custom brand domains in all their LinkShorteners links.

For savvy social media managers who constantly rotate their profile links, upgrading to LinkShorteners Enterprise allows you to redirect the link to a new URL without actually changing the link in the profile, making it easy to dynamically update and track new activities.


6. Actively Engage Your Followers

Not only do the most successful companies on Instagram respond to comments, but they also bookmark and comment on other posts. By participating in posts related to your industry or brand, you can create outbound awareness. It may take some time for your efforts to be rewarded. Think of this as an opportunity to expand the brand's influence and build connections with potential customers.

For more tips on how to improve your Instagram marketing efforts, download the complete guide on how to drive social ROI through visual storytelling. You will leave:

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