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LinkShorteners Published on December 17, 2021

What are Instagram Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored ads on Instagram are stories and posts that help brands and publishers promote their businesses, services, and products to a wider audience in Instagram dynamics. All Instagram-sponsored ads look like regular posts but have a "sponsor" tag and a call to action button to drive conversions.

Many advertisers are now shifting their budgets to Instagram advertising.

With 500 million active users every day, brands are eager to get a share of the social business cake. The secret is that Instagram is simple. You don’t need professional equipment or a huge budget to start using Instagram-sponsored ads. "Your audience doesn't want perfection, they just want to know that they are understood," said Instagram influencer and author of "A Quarter Life Poetry" Samantha Jayne (Samantha Jayne).

We have summarized the five steps to get the most attention in your next Instagram ad:

1. The Anatomy of Instagram Ads

With the advent of Instagram Stories ads, marketers can now choose to place ads on local posts in the regular feed as well as on Stories. Currently, the platform has 5 delivery methods:

  • Image ad
  • Video ad
  • Carousel ads
  • Story ad
  • Slideshow Ads

In addition, the platform also provides a series of call-to-action buttons for its paid posts. This includes "learn more", "download", "install now", "buy now", "register", "buy", etc. Since organic posts do not allow clickable links, these CTAs are very valuable in helping to maximize conversion rates.

2. Powered By Facebook

Now that Facebook has Instagram, you can set up your Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor or Facebook Ads API. This gives marketers access to the full set of positioning functions. You can filter by demographic data such as age, gender, and interests.

A 2017 AdSpresso study showed that the average cost-per-click for Instagram ads is about US$0.80, but this number will vary due to many factors, including the target demographic.

3. Business Tools

Not ready to invest in sponsored advertising? Instagram's "business tools" can be a good introduction to paid products. how? It enables marketers to add contact information, view insights about their posts and followers, and promote their posts.

Commercial tools are Instagram’s solutions that make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to obtain advertisements. The simple, mobile-first interface is also very suitable for large enterprises that want to carry out rapid marketing activities anytime, anywhere. Business Insights is divided into three main products:

Corporate Profile-This is a free feature, but the brand must have a corporate account on the Instagram and Facebook pages. With the help of business profiles, brands can provide followers with four ways to contact them: phone calls, text messages, email, or directions to the nearest location.

Insights-Insights allow marketers to quickly and easily understand who is most engaged, when, and what content resonates most. It also digs into the demographics of followers, such as gender, age, and location.

Promotion-Now you can turn popular organic posts into ads directly in the Instagram app. Just select a post that has attracted a lot of engagement and add a CTA button and target audience, or allow Instagram to recommend audiences.

4. Pass The Mic

Find your niche market and collaborate with influential people to create more exciting content for like-minded users. Instagram is made up of thousands of niche communities, which are galleries dedicated to highlighting specific themes-travel, animals, can name it! Brands can consider working with influencers who are integrated into these communities to further expand their influence. User-generated content (UGC) has been proven to build trust and drive more participation.

Here are some examples of brands that use UGC to crush it:


Herschel encourages fans to use their hashtags #WellTravelled and #HerschelSupply to share photos of Herschel products in the wild. If you are lucky, your photo may be shared with the other 1 million followers on the @herschelsupply Instagram account. Sometimes, Herschel even organizes giveaway events, and your tagged photos can win you a backpack or other accessories.


A large part of Away is UGC. They often repost photos with the hashtag #travelaway. By providing customers with interesting benefits such as hand-painted monograms, and displaying their products in exotic locations that are ideal for Instagram, they have created an enthusiastic follower, which naturally provides good support for a large number of outstanding UGCs.

5. The One Constant On A Constantly Evolving Platform

Instagram continues to release updates to its advertising products and expand its media format. Yes, there are a lot of updates that make many marketers dizzy. Nevertheless, the key to standing out in the synopsis is still: high-quality content.

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